MultiGreen is committed to improving the state of the world by constructing attainable green housing in high-growth and supply-constrained markets. To assess project-level impact, the MultiGreen team prepares an internal scorecard prior to funding each community. We are committed to transparent reporting to all stakeholders. In addition to utilizing industry standards, we focus on Financial Impact, Social Impact, Environmental Impact, and Industry Impact. 

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Financial Impact

By building a more affordable unit, working families can attain new modern housing in preferred locations. By targeting competitive returns, the Owner benefits from lower costs of capital, while the Lender has a lower Value at Risk. We deploy intentional capital and expect intentional impact. Each stakeholder wins. MultiGreen delivers financial impact by design.

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Social Impact

The United Nations identifies adequate housing as a fundamental human right, defining it as “the right to live somewhere in security, peace and dignity.” (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.) MultiGreen champions social impact by design. 

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Environmental Impact

MultiGreen builds rental units for families while minimizing the carbon footprint on the environment. As a starting framework, our living spaces provide a healthy environment and seek to promote well-being. The communities we build have measurable impact by design and contribute to the sustainability of our cities.

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Industry Impact

Technology is rapidly transforming the real estate industry and facilitating a path towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution. MultiGreen utilizes technologies such as Sustainable Living Innovations to enhance affordability for residents and achieve operating efficiency for its communities. MultiGreen delivers industry impact by design.

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