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The MultiGreen team incorporates green building principles in its design and operations to advance resource efficiency, a green economy, and sustainable development. Green buildings can be delivered at a price competitive with conventional construction. Investments can be recouped through operational cost savings and, with the right design features, create more modern efficient living spaces. In our experience, green buildings have been shown to:   

– Reduce design and construction costs. 

– Enhance asset value: as tenants and investors become more discerning about the built environment, our green buildings will remain valuable and attractive to all constituents that we serve, with better tenant retention and enduring value.

– Reduce operating costs: due to reduced energy demands, lower water consumption, and technology-enhanced controlled maintenance, long-term operations and maintenance costs are lower. Energy savings alone typically exceed any cost premiums associated with sustainable design features and construction, within a reasonable payback period.

– Enhance occupant health: we improve air filteration, water purification, and dynamic circadian lighting through WELL™ standards, software technologies, and resident controlled digital amenities.

– Mitigating investment risks: the built environment is at an inflection point. Structures either contribute to climate risk or are a part of the solution in mitigating the carbon footprint of communities. These long-term risks to enduring value are just being understood by all stakeholders. 

“MultiGreen activates measurable impact by design.”

MultiGreen believes that by greening its multifamily developments, as a neighborhood or city scales, we can help deliver on large-scale economic priorities such as climate change mitigation, energy security, resource conservation and job creation, long-term resilience and quality of life. 

MultiGreen utilizes an integrated and comprehensive approach that incorporates green building principles throughout each of the phases, including construction, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning. 

– Sustainable Siting—we optimize land use and development to reduce adverse impacts and minimize the building’s ecological footprint. 

– Energy Efficiency—we establish and monitor performance targets that account for intended use, occupancy and other energy operations for our projects. 

– Energy Generation—where economically feasible, we incorporate renewable energy generators (e.g. solar shading, rooftop solar) on our projects. 

– Water efficiency— we emphasize the value of decreasing demands for fresh water and reducing the generation of wastewater through optimized landscaping, integrated rainwater catchments, gray water recycling, and wastewater treatment systems. 

– Building Materials—we use sustainable construction materials and resources, green building materials to reduce materials extraction, processing, transportation, solid waste, and consumption. 

– Healthy Indoor Environmental Quality— we enhance healthy living through ventilation and thermal comfort, moisture control, daylighting, environmental tobacco smoke control, and protecting indoor air quality during construction. 

– Waste Reduction and Recycling — we deploy several strategies to promote waste reduction, recycling, and composting in our properties. MultiGreen has set goals for and tracks diversion of solid waste away from landfills and incineration, through reuse, recycling, and composting.