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MultiGreen believes all stakeholders in the production of housing should derive impactful and financial benefits. This includes young growing families, seniors, students, new citizens, and those requiring special housing accommodations. Solving occupant needs can enhance lives by providing superior housing options in their communities of choice.

Stakeholders include the local communities in which we build cities, towns, schools, restaurants, retail stores, churches, and service centers. We create jobs with the many trades, vendors, and specialists we employ, and the full-time property management team of professionals dedicated to servicing our residents.

Our partners, which include investors and lenders, are intentional, providing the large-scale risk capital necessary to achieve our mission. Housing is the largest financial asset class in the world. The need for more sustainable and attainable housing is critical. MultiGreen targets top-tier returns returns combined with long-term sustainable impact.

MultiGreen delivers equitable financial impact by design.

By building sustainable housing in a more efficient manner, we consume less energy, produce less waste, and require lower levels of resources to build and operate properties over the long-term.

The tenants we want to serve in the communities we are focused on desire clean, modern, and safe living options. Our mission is to deliver high quality housing at attainable rents that deliver competitive returns to long-term real estate investors. 

Multifamily rental apartments as an asset class have been resilient and have delivered stable returns throughout economic cycles. Building new construction projects has even provided more alpha risk-return basis than adaptive reuse and other financial engineering of existing properties.

A key component of real estate returns is the efficient use of capital to balance total project cost with operational efficiency. MultiGreen’s holding period is long-term, and we are able to focus on the total cost of ownership, and therefore, embed all of the sustainable and energy efficient technologies that enhance returns.

The convergence of technology, intentional capital, and secular trends in rental housing demand, make this MultiGreen’s moment.