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Industry Impact

We are facing a major demand on housing based on the undeniable mega-trend in global population growth.  The world’s urban areas alone are increasing by 200,000 people per day, all of whom need affordable housing. To rise to this challenge, the construction and development industries must transform themselves. The barriers to accomplish this are current costs of local construction and the lack of eco-efficiency in building materials and supply chains. 

The construction industry has lagged every other sector of the economy over the last 50 years in accepting technological change and boosting productivity. MultiGreen is embracing and advocating the use of many emerging technologies and techniques such as Sustainable Living Innovations that have immediate promise to transform building projects. Our mission is to reduce costs and waste, improve the working environment of the building trades, and deliver clean, affordable, and tech-enabled living spaces.

“MultiGreen creates industry impact by design.”

MultiGreen’s strategies and techniques facilitate waste reduction during construction.  Construction and demolition waste management has historically been a challenge – the industry consumes the largest amount of global raw materials, and produces approximately 3.7 trillion pounds of construction debris ending up in the landfill every year in the US, accounting for 50% of solid waste. MultiGreen seeks to implement waste management practices in a more holistic manner and through the life cycle of its properties. This includes assessments of materials with the least toxicity to diverting waste from landfills and incinerators, and consideration of community health by reducing air, water and soil pollution.  

Some strategies MultiGreen deploys include: an integrated approach to design to optimize materials used; material selection to promote a circular economy; and on-site waste management planning. 

There is a rise of technological trends that are showing a huge promise to change the industry landscape and get it ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A few examples of such promising innovation, in both short and long term, are: Prefabrication, Digital Twining, Robotics, 3D Printing, Virtual & Augmented Reality, and Drones.

A partial list of the technologies MultiGreen utilizes to enhance its affordability for tenants while maintaining attractive top tier returns for investors includes:

  • Prefabrication, and panelized steel frames with embedded mechanical systems – The off-site assembly of building components brings many benefits, compared with the traditional approach of building a structure from zero at the project site. Since there are fewer external factors that influence the project during prefabrication, a higher quality can be achieved in a shorter time frame than compared to traditional building techniques.
  • Connected Devices and Digital Twins – Using sensors to monitor a building and manage it more effectively as well as the use of Building Information Modeling is nothing new. However, the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing connectivity to all types of devices; in the case of construction, this includes machinery, equipment, tools and wearable technologies by construction personnel. The outcome of the integration of such technologies generates data to all players which helps in creating a collaborative, valuable environment during all phases of a project. 
  • Sustainable Construction Techniques – Optimized energy efficiency and a drive for low to zero carbon emissions have driven innovation in building construction and service design for years. In response, new, better thermal performance materials are being developed that promise to make the buildings of the future incredibly well insulated for a fraction of the cost of current solutions. Innovations like this make MultiGreen’s properties more affordable to operate at the property level and for individual tenants, while reducing the overall impact on the environment.
  • Material Selection – MultiGreen seeks to promote a circular economy by reusing materials and components and specifying materials with recycled content.

MultiGreen’s true value proposition is to benefit all stakeholders involved in our projects. By using efficient construction techniques, delivering healthy indoor environments, being conscious of our overall environmental footprint, and driving operating efficiencies.